Get your membership fee covered when you refer friends

Without your referrals, the work we do in Be Bold wouldn’t have reached and changed as many lives as it has. But it’s not only because you tell your friends and family about this program. It is that you have been choosing to work on yourself. When people see the change in you, they want to know the secret sauce.

So, I want to say thank you. Thank you for choosing me as your coach and thank you for choosing to trust in this work.

While doors are open April 27th – May 3rd, each time someone you refer joins Be Bold, you will get a month FREE.

The details:

Who can participate: Current Be Bold members only.

When: Referral period is April 27th – May 3rd.

How it works for the new member (referred): When your friend or family member signs up, they will have the option to give the name of someone who referred them. Make sure you tell them to put your name!

How it works for the current member (referrer):
For annual pass holders: Your renewal date will be pushed back one month for every member referred.

For monthly subscribers, we will postpone your next billing by one month for every member referred.

What is the limit? There is no limit on the number of free months you can get!

Have questions? Email [email protected]